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Please provide Russian American Consulting with the following information to acquire an entry visa for India:

  1. Original, signed passport valid for 6 months from day of application, and with at least two blank visa pages for Indian visa stamps. Amendment pages are not acceptable for visa stamps
  2. One per applicant completed on-line, printed and signed. Only on-line visa applications are accepted. Signature must be original on each visa application. Improperly completed forms may delay the processing of your visa.
    • a. The Application Form should be printed on 2 separate sheet of paper, no front to back print out will be accepted.
      Note: Please make sure that the Application Form prints completely with the port of entry and exit completely printed at the bottom as well as the bar code.
    • b. Make Sure you have filled the Application Form correctly otherwise it will not be accepted, as We are not allowed to modify any details.
      Note: The address for the reference in India must be complete with the phone number, city, sector, street, and six digit pin code. If staying at a hotel include the complete address and phone number of the hotel as it appears on their website.
    • c. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS i.e. ,$#(&) etc and use SPACE BAR instead.
  3. Photo Requirements: TOne recent color passport size 2 inches by 2 inches (2"x2") photo on glossy photo paper, showing full frontal view of the applicants face against a white background to be pasted on the application form. Photograph should not be stapled, paper clips are fine.
  4. Applicant must submit a computer- generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool ( such as e-confirmation from an airline) showing departure from U.S. and arrival / departure for India
  5. Proof of residential address in the United States: Clear copy of applicant's driver's license, utility bill or phone bill. Address on the document must match address on the visa application form.

    - AND -

    Copy of Birth Certificate: A photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate showing parents' names, date of birth and nationality. Any birth certificates that do not originate from the US or India must be translated into English and must be notarized.
  6.  Minors: The visa application must be signed by both parents and a copy of both parents' signed passports must be submitted. A copy of a parent's driver's license or utility bill can be used for proof of residential address in the US

For minors below 18 of age:

  1. Birth certificate: copy or any government issued document which shows parents name, date of birth and nationality.
  2. US Born: Only birth certificates are accepted for applicants born in the US.
  3. Born Abroad certificate: If the applicant is born abroad as a United States citizen, a copy of the Born Abroad certificate issued by the state department must be presented.
  4. India Born: Those born in India can use their birth certificate, old Indian passport or school leaving certificate
  5. All Others Citizens: The minor applicant not born in the US or India should submit a birth certificate or any government document from the country of origin that has parents name, date of birth and nationality. The documents must be translated into English and notarized.
  6. Parents Signed: A copy of the vital page(s) containing the picture and signature page of both parents signed passports
  7. Visa applications for minors should have the applicant (minor) sign or print their names on the first page in the signature box under the photo. If the minor cannot sign or print his/her name a thumb print with black or blue ink must be placed in the signature box. Note:Applications without the minors thumb print on the first page will not be accepted.
  8. Visa applications for minors should contain both parent's signatures which have been duly notarized with a notary stamp and seal on the second page only, minors do not sign the second page of the application.
    Note: Applications without both parent's signatures will not be accepted
  9. For child above 5 years: signature under the photograph is mandatory. Below 5 years, thump print. Parents’ signatures are not permissible
  10. For Visa Application for a child (minor), the second page of the Application Form must be signed by both the parents and the same must be Notarized.

Business Visa:

  1.  Invitation letter: Invitation letter from the company in India on company letter head indicating the nature of applicant's business, duration of stay, the validity of visa applied for 1 Year, 5 Year or 10 Year, places and organizations to be visited during the applicant’s stay.
  2.  Letter from the applicant company on company letter head in USA stating that expenses would be paid by company. It should indicate the nature of applicant's business, duration of stay, the validity of visa applied and organizations to be visited. It is important that the letter conveys lucidly the nature, scope and area of operation the parent company is involved in.
  3.  Note: Both letters: (Invitation letter & Letter from the applicant company ) must state what duration the applicant is applying for i.e. one year, five years, or ten years. If only one letter states the duration the consulate will issue the visa for the duration they see fit.

Visa Service Prices


Processing Period

3-5 Business Days

Tourist Multiple entry up to 180 days


Tourist Multiple entry up to 5 year


Tourist Multiple entry up to 10 years


Business Multiple entry up to 1 year


Business Multiple entry up to 5 years


Business Multiple entry up to 10 years


NOTE: 'FEE" does not include the shipping charges.
NOTE: "Processing" refers to business days in the embassy and does not include processing or shipping.

NOTE: For same-day service when available, please contact us for specific instructions.

Persons of Indian Origin, US citizens who require a reference and all Non-US citizens have a minimum processing time of one to two weeks, and some cases may take longer.

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