Important notice!

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, Russian Federation has closed its borders for all foreigners from March 18 until further notice. Russian Consulate also has stopped processing and issuing visas up to September 01, 2020. We will keep you updated on this matter.

Destination Tour Dates Duration Price Comments
United States Diamond Fund and the Kremlin Grounds 3 hours $0
Diamond Fund and the Kremlin Grounds

      The Armory also houses the State Diamond Fund, a separate collection containing the most valuable gems in Russia. The highlights of the collection are the priceless diamond-encrusted Coronation Crown of Catherine the Great and the 190-carat Orlov Diamond, given to the Empress by her lover Count Grigory Orlov and set into the Imperial Sceptre. The collection features a whole host of jeweled necklaces and earrings as well as the world's largest sapphire. Visitors may also be lucky enough to see a few more Faberge Eggs in the collection.