Destination Tour Dates Duration Price Comments
United States The Kremlin Grounds and 1 Cathedral 1.5 Hours $122 2 pax
The Kremlin Grounds and 1 Cathedral
The beautiful and ancient ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin stands high on the hill towering over the left bank of the Moscow River. The Kremlin has been perceived as a symbol of power of the Russian State, the national idea expressed in stone. The oldest museums of the capital are located on the territory of the Kremlin. You will see the Armory Chamber displaying the unique specimens of Russian art of the 12-15th centuries, the finest collection of Russian decorative-applied arts of the 16-19th centuries, which includes the royal symbols regalia (crowns, scepters, orbs, thrones), the Diamond Fund where the world-famous collections of precious stones and Russian jewelry gold and platinum nuggets are displayed; the beautiful ensemble of the ancient cathedrals with the unique icons; the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell.