Destination Tour Dates Duration Price Comments
United States Uzbekistan Tour all year round 9 days / 8 nigh $0 2 pax
Uzbekistan Tour

Tashkent – Urgench (Khiva) – Bukhara – Samarkand - Tashkent

Day 1: Arrive in Tashkent. Transfer to the Hotel. Depends of which time you will arrive. If at morning time you will have a day excursion in Tashkent with a guide.

Day 2: Morning flight to Urgench. Transfer to Khiva. Accommodation in the Hotel. City tour including Ichon-Qala Gates & Walls, Mohammed Amin Khan Medressa - 1850s, Kalta Minor minaret, Kukhna Ark, Summer mosque, Mohamed Rakhim Khan Medressa, Sayid Alauddin Mausoleum & Music Museum, Juma Mosque & around. Mosque it interesting for the 218 wooden columns supporting its roof . The few finely decorated columns are from 10th century mosque. Matpana Bay Medressa - 1905, Arabhana Medressa - 17th c., Dost Alyam Medressa ,Abdulla Khan Medressa - 1855, Aq Mosque - 1657, Anusha Khan baths, Alloquli Khan Medressa - 1835, Kutlimurodinok Medressa - 1809, Caravansarai, Tosh-Kholy Palace - 1832, East Gate & Modern bazaar, Islom-Huja Medressa 1910. Pahlavon Mohammed Mausoleum & Sherghozi Khan Medressa - 1326, Dishon-Qala -1906.

Day 3: Outdoor excursion . After breakfast travel to the main and most well known Kalas (Ayazqala, Tuprok Kala, Qizil Kala) Drive back to Khiva.

Day 4: Full day drive to Bukhara. (the road takes around 8 hours) Accommodation in the Hotel.

Day 5: City tour including Labi-Hauz, a statue Hoja Nasretdin, Nadir Devanbegi Medressa -1630, Nadir Divanbegi khanaka-17th c., Kukeldash Medressa -16th c., Jewish quarter-12th.c., Covered bazars, Taji-Sarrafon Area-12th.c., Taqi Telpak Furushon Area, Ulugbek Medressa-1417, Abdul Aziz Khan Medressa-1652, Kalon Minaret-1127, Kalon Mosque-16thy.c, Mir-i-arab Medressa-16th.c., Amir Alimkhan Medressa, The Ark(Reception & Coronation Court, Friday Mosque) 5th c.,Registan, Zindon, Bolo-haus Mosque, Ismail Samani Mausoleum (completed about 905CE), Shaibonid town walls, Chashma-Ayub mausoleum 12th c., Buyan Khuli Khan & Saifuddin Bukharzi Mausolea-14th c. Eveningconcert inside Divanbeg Medressa with national Uzbek classic music, dancing and fashion.

Day 6: Outdoor excursion. Visiting summer residence Emir Bukhara Mokhi Xosan, Naksh Band memorial complex. Visiting cemetery Chor Bakr.

Day 7: Next day drive from Bukhara to Samarkand though Shakhrizyabz. Accommodation in the Hotel.

Day 8: Morning city tour including Gur Emir Mausoleum, The Registan, State Museum of the Cultural History of Uzbekistan, Samarkand bazaar, Bibi Hanum Mosque. Shakhi Zinda Ensemble from 7-17th centures. You can see there mausoleum one of great islamik profit Ibn Abass. Hoja-Nisbaddor mosque Ulukbek Observatory, Ancient Samarkand, The Afrasiab Museum.

Day 9: Morning drive to Tashkent. Accommodation in the Hotel.

Tour includes:

An a/c car for the whole trip

Hotels B&B


Arrival transfer

Flight Tashkent – Urgench

Accommodation in the yurt camping

Camel riding

Show in Bukhara

Tour doesn`t include:

Alcohol drinks and beer

Entrance fee to the sights

Taking photos / videos at the sights

International air tickets

Accompany guide (only guides as per itinerary)

Any insurance

Tips, souvenirs