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United States The Kremlin Grounds, Armoury and 1 Cathedral Walking Tour 4 Hours $75
The Kremlin Grounds, Armoury and 1 Cathedral Walking Tour

  The State Armory is the oldest museum in Russia and is now home to a staggering collection of priceless artifacts and royal treasures dating back to the 14th century. Although there are historical records proving the existence of the Armory collection as far back as 1508, the Armory's present Russo-Byzantine building wasn't designed until the 1840s. Built by Tsar Nicholas I's favorite architect, Konstantin Thon, the Armory was intended to echo the architectural style of the Kremlin Palace and harmonize with the entire Kremlin ensemble. Initially the Armory was just a small stone chamber, built to house and protect the Kremlin's growing collection of priceless jewelry, embroidered cloth, ceremonial robes, arms, enamelware and icons. Much later in 1726 the collections of the Kazenny Dvor (Imperial Treasury) were incorporated into those of the Armory and in 1806 the building was transformed into a museum and the combined collections put on display for visitors to see.