Russian-American Consulting Travel Agency – Visas - Belarus

Please provide Russian American Consulting with the following information to acquire an entry visa for Belarus:

-A valid passport
-A filled out application: form. Please fill out the application and make sure to sign before sending
-One passport size photo (2" x 2"): example
-A prepaid FedEx airbill, if you want your visa mailed to you
-A check for the amount specified below, depending on visa type
-The visa applicants should submit the obligatory medical insurance policy, foreign medical policy, medical insurance card or other document that confirms its existence. The minimum limit of responsibility of the medical insurance 10 000 Euro


Processing time: 2 week 5-6 business days
Single entry private/business up to 30 days $ 220 $ 300
Double entry private/business up to 30 days $ 220 $ 300

Please provide RACC w/ the following info:

If applying for a private visa:

- full name of relative/friend you are visiting in Belarus, their address and phone number.

If applying for a bussiness visa:

- Name of company you are visiting in Belarus, its address and phone number, and contact person.

Please contact us if you have any questions at 212-268-9336.