Russian-American Consulting Travel Agency – Visas - United Kingd

Please provide Russian American Consulting with the following information to acquire an entry visa for United Kingdom:

1) A filled out application form (2 copies) and credit card payment confirmation (of the Visa Fee). Please go to the to fill out the form and pay the consulate fee.
2) Passport (note: It should be the original document and have ample validity)
3) Two passport size photographs - no scans
4) Evidence of your Immigration Status in the USA and permission to re-enter the USA after your trip (not necessary for US citizens). Please submit original documents . Examples include:
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Valid US visa (e.g, H1B, F1)
  • Advance Parole Document
  • Employment Authorisation Card (does not permit re-entry to US)
  • Valid DS 2019 (Formerly IAP66)
  • Valid I-20 (must be signed on the reverse by designated school official)
  • Valid I-94
5) Employment Letter / Confirmation of Employment.
For Vacation: to include length of service and vacation dates.
For Business: giving full details of proposed business visit and stating employer will be financially responsible.
Self-employed: letter of incorporation/business registration document or 1040 tax return.
Please note we cannot accept TALX / "The Work Number" subscriber references.
6) Evidence of funds: e.g, Original bank statement (within last 30 days)
7) If you are visiting family or friends you will need:
  • a letter from your sponsor (the person you are visiting) explaining your relationship with them and the purpose of your visit.
  • if your sponsor will be supporting you during your visit, or paying for the cost of the visit, you will need: payslips, bank statements, or some other evidence to show that they have enough money to support you
With a visit visa you can usually enter and leave the UK any number of times while it is still valid. You cannot stay for longer than six months on each visit. Visit visas can be valid for 6 months, one year, two years or five years. You can apply for a visa valid for any of these periods. The Entry Clearance Officer may decide to make your visa valid for a shorter time than you have asked for, for example if are not a regular traveller or have never visited the UK before.

Visa Service Pricing

Processing time: 15-25 business days Multiple entry visa $150 + consulate fee (paid on line)
3-5 business days Multiple entry visa $150 + consulate fee (paid on line)+ rush service $ 170(paid on line)